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Horse and carriage on Dartmoor
Wedding via horse and carriage

Carriage Driving Experiences

We can cater for families, couples & individuals to enjoy a simple experience around the local area. The scenery is idyllic and will allow you to unwind in a unique way.

Children's Parties & Events

We hold children's parties at the stables or at a venue of your choice. Birthday cake, a carriage drive & pampering the ponies is on the cards. Minimum of 6 children at a time.


Why not hire us for your special day so we can help create magical memories? We do not only have to be used as transport but can be for entertainment as well. 



Missy is the main horse here at Dartmoor Carriages, here is a little about her...

Missy hasn’t always been called ‘Missy’ she was bought as ‘Mistral.’
How I came about buying Missy was a bit of a fluke, I booked my eldest sister a carriage driving experience for her birthday and Missy happened to be spotted. She didn’t look like much in the stable and my sister said she’s okay but not great. I instantly knew I wanted her, chatted to the lady and made the decision to buy her.
Being only young and needing feeding up she was quite boisterous and loved her food. I got her back to the yard and started with her straight away.
After a few baths a couple weeks in, she looked so different. The training began.
I taught her to lunge and long line in the school - with and without a bit. We then took to the road in her bridle, just walking in hand. She took everything in her stride. This pony trusted me and we got a bond pretty quick, she still forgot her manners at times.
The next year after being turned away for winter we started back into work again and  she went to lots of in hand shows (and did very well)
Then it was time to put the big girl pants on and back her to ride. Easiest thing ever! She was riding away within a few weeks and then we were off. I continued to long line and lunge. And then we pulled the tyre and pallets behind. She took it all on board but was handy with her back legs.
I got her so far with the pulling but I needed some specialist knowledge to know if she would go in a carriage. Mark Broadbent @ Fenix Carriages to the rescue. We spent an afternoon with Mark and Missy stayed for a few days. When she returned home she had grown & matured - which sounds silly as only a few days had passed but she had changed and accepted that her back legs had to stay put.
I continued working with her and popped her in the cart. Away we went and haven’t looked back!
Missy is a moody looking mare but she is loving and trusting. Never known a mare work so hard and enjoy it as much as she does.
Best find to date!!


Dartmoor Carriages was established in 2019 by Charlotte Pine. Owning and working with horses from a young age, she turned her passion for horses into her career.

Charlotte's whole life has been centered around horses but not always in the discipline of driving, more show jumping and backing.

Since opening in 2019, we have become well established in the local area and across the Devon and Cornwall Border. Our commitment to you is that we offer a quality unique experience with exceptional customer service.


We never stop improving, and will continue to expand our offerings based on how we can best serve the local area and farther afield.

Get in touch with us today to learn how Dartmoor Carriages can help you.


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Shaugh Prior, Near Plympton, Devon, PL7 5EW

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