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Winter routine - written through Missy's eyes

What does a day in the life of Missy look like in the crisper, winter months?

A snippet just for you.

- Rise & Shine

Mum comes up with Sasha (the dog) around 5:30am, most mornings I am still sound asleep but I do enjoy my morning breakfast. Mum says it has lots in it, the lady from #simplesystems comes and gives mum & I help on what to feed me. In the winter I get; red grass pellets, top gain, linseed and some yummy chaff.

- Leg stretch

Most days I will go out in the field around 5:45am, it is lovely being able to run around, especially with April. April is my favourite in the field and sometimes I do get a little jealous if the others try to pinch her.

If it is a morning where I am not going out I will either go in the sand school for a lunge and mum switches it up some days and adds poles for me to go over. It makes my bottom work really hard!! #engagainghindquarters If mum is not lunging me I take her for a ride and we keep to the moor - I go on the road a lot with the carriage.

If you are willing to put in the time with trotting poles, you will be rewarded with better balance, more elegance and a generally superior riding/driving experience, says Kim Dyson.

- Wrap up, it's chilly outside

Mum has a selection of rugs for me, I am a little spoilt. As soon as it starts getting chillier I usually wear my #snuggyhood and then a rug (or 2) I do love being all wrapped up and cosy. Mum coats my legs in this stuff called pig oil, it keeps my legs nice and clear from mud (apparently, I do love a good roll)

- Mix it up

I do not like having the same routine, day in-day out, so mum sometimes keeps me in if I have a carriage ride in the afternoon and I get lunged or ridden in the mornings. I love days I am in, I get my kick ball filled with treats and I try to make as much noise as I can.

- Clip, Clop

This is my favourite time of the day. Meeting people who go 'ooo' 'awww' at me and then I get treats. They get on the carriage and we go around the local area, sometimes for only 45 minutes and sometimes for 1.5 hours. If I have been in all day mum walks me for 15 minutes before the carriage goes on, I think she over worries, but she whispers saying it will help my muscles warm up.

Don’t Forget the end...

Then after my carriage ride or if it is a day off or even if i have had a nice run on the moor (usually with the dog, again!!) I always have my feet washed so that I do not have any dirt on me or sand. Sand is so irritating and I do not like it at all. I then get my massage pad on and then in my stable I have a big straw bed, hay, my kick ball and my feed waiting for me. I do live a good life. Winter is not so bad :) #equilibrium

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