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Summer is now over...

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

Missy is a bit of a hairy beast so she gets clipped all year round but there is something about the first 'proper' clip of the year. I have waited until after Missy had her annual break and then I have whizzed off her coat.

Why do I clip?

Missy works her socks off and it would not be fair to ask that of her if she got as hot as she could. Clipping Missy allows me to keep her at a comfortable temperature when she is in and out of work.

I always wash her off when she is sweaty as otherwise she would get irritated and itchy leaving her uncomfortable, I usually use shampoo from #supremeproducts.

If Missy was not clipped it could take her up to 3 days to dry in the winter months with her wooly coat.

What clippers do I use?

I am in love with my #lister clippers, they have never let me down. Being light weight and battery operated they are easy to do her all over (even in the tricky spots)

Once Missy is clipped how do I keep her warm?

I try not to over rug otherwise I would over compensate, I can use 4 to 5 different rugs a week depending on the temperate and if she is in her stable or out in the field. People tend to forget horses need more layers when in the stable usually as they are stood and get cold easier so to maintain a good condition rug up!!

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