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Busy as a bee

This year has gone so fast and has been so busy but we have been enjoying ourselves too!

Missy has had some much needed days off in between her carriage drives for ice cream, pony club days and weddings. She has enjoyed time at the beach, going to cross country practise and being a horsey in the field (which is very needed)

Louis is now broken in to ride and will start pulling a tyre very soon.

April is having a break from being ridden as she is growing so much (thought she was going to stop!) and she is lunging, pulling a tyre and enjoying field time.

Bo is just being a pony and growing away - he is gorgeous.

Moon is being part loaned and loving her job with her best friend, Liv. They are enjoying rides out, schooling, lunging and going out on the cart.

Peanut, Wizzle, Pepper & Dominic are munching away on a neighbours field so ours can rest for the winter.

Sorry it is not much of an update, we are super busy :)

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